Because you never have a second chance to MAKE A FIRST IMPRESSION, you want to make the best possible one.  We now make it available online and virtually whenever someone is surfing the web.

With a GREAT BUSINESS HEADSHOT, it’s time to take your business to the next level. When it comes to how you show yourself (and your business) to the rest of the world, this small investment may pay off big time.

Shutteris Photography can assist drive your organization ahead. Allow us to assist you in developing the best online image for your company and for yourself.

WE SPECIALIZE in professional headshot and portrait photography for corporate professionals, entire offices, artists, and actors.


Making a strong first impression at an interview is important, but many individuals are unaware that that initial impression likely occurred online. You’ll stand out among recruiters who scour social media.


No matter where you are in your profession, networking is critical. Your professional network can help you land a new job, a speaking engagement, or a consulting gig.

As a networking must-have, a professional headshot is memorable and helps you stand out from the crowd. You should also include a headshot on your business card so that you are remembered every time you network and hand one out.


A professional headshot boosts your confidence and the confidence of others in your talents.

You’ll respect yourself and others. A great headshot makes you feel good about your personal brand and what other professionals think of you when they view your photograph.

A high-quality headshot helps you appear the part whether you’re just starting or navigating the C-suite.

When it comes to choosing the best portrait photographer, you will want to choose someone who knows how to capture your uniqueness. The best headshots are the ones that can show people who you are at a glance.

We fully understand how important it is for your unique personality to come across in your headshot, and that’s why we’re confident in our ability to provide you with the absolute best professional headshot you need for your success.

Invest in yourself, as it could be the most profitable investment you’ve ever made. 


Regardless of the sort of service or product your business provides, you want your audience to see you as professional.

Professionalism encourages clients to place their faith in your knowledge, follow your recommendations, and generally desire to do business with your firm.

Headshots taken by a skilled, professional photographer demonstrate your organization’s commitment to your brand and the task at hand.

If you present yourself professionally, prospective clients and even future employees will be more inclined to interact with your firm and place their faith in your skills from the first encounter.


Headshots are an excellent way to convey the personality of your team and your organization in general. You want your team’s headshots to reflect the professional image you want your business to project.

If your company is a legal firm, your employees may choose to dress in suits and present themselves as pleasant yet experienced. If you operate a restaurant, you may want to try photographing the cooks on-location.

A skilled professional photographer will be able to advise your team in selecting the ideal postures, clothes, and backdrop to correctly represent your brand and provide a welcome experience for your website’s visitors.

Portraits are one of the absolute best ways for you to present your image to the public. The fact that so many people are using modern headshots to promote themselves these days means that having a professional take your portrait is going to help you promote yourself in the most professional way possible.

We can travel to your Corporate office locations

Our studio is located in Garki 2 . We can come to you. Our photographers will travel to your offices with a portable studio setup to create professional headshots for your executives and team. For magazines, editorial publications, small businesses, and individuals, we also offer on-location creative portraits and lifestyle portraits.


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We've worked with clients in IT, manufacturing, finance, architecture, healthcare, telecommunications, and more.

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I love the warmth and the ease of getting things done in this studio. The staff were very helpful and made my experience awesome. Thank you Shutteris Studio for standing out in the pack
Uche Oliver Eze
Oliver Uchechukwu Eze
Principal Partner, NRC